Low back pain (LBP) is among the most common medical ailments and public health issue. More than 50% of US working-age adults experience LBP each year with many US adults reporting an episode of back pain in the previous 3 months.  Earlier studies have found that nearly 85% of Americans have experienced LBP.   Back pain is one of the most common cause of disability for persons younger than 45 years and one of the most common reasons for office visits to chiropractors and primary care physicians in the United States.
A recent research article published in the Spine Journal found that 94% of participants who received chiropractic care had a 30% reduction in low back pain by week 4 of care.  Only 56% of participants who received medical care had a 30% reduction in low back pain by week 4.
Researchers concluded that chiropractic care led to greater short-term reductions in self-reported pain and disability than usual medical care. No adverse outcomes were reported. Chiropractic care should be considered an effective short-term treatment option for patients with acute and subacute LBP.