Neck pain is one of these conditions that affect most people at some point during their lifetime.  All you have to do is ask just about anyone, ”…have you ever had neck pain?” Then again, maybe you shouldn’t since you’ll probably get overloaded with way too much information from several people willing to share every little detail with you. Because of the way we are anatomically built, the neck is particularly vulnerable to injury (it has to hold up an average weight of 15lbs which can be quite a job, especially when we slump or slouch and that 15lb weight falls forward).

Injury to the neck can result in minimal symptoms all the way to complete disability, making it one of the most common reason people see doctors of all varieties for help. Complete neck pain with headaches and now you have a real potential for disrupting lifestyles. With simple causes like poor posture, stress, work station problems or long hours at the computer, not to mention anxiety, depression and more, it’s no wonder most of us have needed help for neck pain at some point in time. So, the question remains, “…what can I do about it?”

From a chiropractic standpoint, manipulation, massage and other soft tissue techniques, and several forms of physiological therapeutics (such as spinal exercises), all work great! But, instead of (or in addition to) things that WE do to you, let’s discuss things we can teach YOU to do on your own. There is a long list of aids that help neck pain you can self-manage, of which some include: a home traction device, cervical pillows, exercises, posture retraining, stress management, work station modifications, work/job analysis and subsequent modifications, and more. Most important is that YOU are evaluated and treat the cause and not manage the symptoms.