Scoliosis Treatment

Learn How Chiropractic Can Positively Impact Scoliosis


Scoliosis film x-ray show spinal bend in teenager patient

Scoliosis film x-ray

Scoliosis has been around for thousands of years, among people of every culture and country.  Yet for all the time we have studied scoliosis, its true causes remain elusive.

Some types of scoliosis have a directly-identifiable cause.  Neuromuscular scoliosis, for example, occurs when a disease such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy causes the spine to develop a scoliosis.  Congenital scoliosis arises due to a failure of the bones to form properly.  Degenerative scoliosis happens in late adulthood due to degeneration of the spinal discs.  Traumatic scoliosis can occur as a result of an accident or surgery.  All of these types of scoliosis, however, comprise less than 20% of the diagnosed cases.  The vast majority of scoliosis cases diagnosed (over 80%) are termed idiopathic.

Idiopathic means, “without known cause.”  It doesn’t mean there is no cause – simply that it is not readily apparent.

The genetic factors involved with scoliosis appear to revolve around the genes responsible for regulating normal development of the bones and ligaments.  Scoliosis is often associated with low bone density (osteopenia) and joint hypermobility (ligament laxity).

Dr. Tim Ciolkosz was trained to understand every aspect of how scoliosis affects the body.  While scoliosis is a disease of the spine, it can also affect the heart, lungs, posture, physical functioning, and balance.  Scoliosis is not caused by muscle tension. Studies have found that tension in the muscles arises as a consequence of scoliosis, after it has progressed to a certain point.  You can expect to be treated as a whole person – not just a Cobb Angle.

A Typical Treatment Session

A typical treatment session involves a variety of exercises, therapies and adjustments meant to improve the patient’s comfort level and rehabilitate the spine. Since treatment plans are customized to each patient, no two patients will experience an identical treatment session.

My daughter, a dancer, was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12.  I was told she would have to wear a brace for 18 hours a day possibly face surgery.  A friend was having her daughter treated for scoliosis by Dr. Ciolkosz. and was having great success.  I am so thankful we tried this approach.  Not only has she not spent one day in a brace, but her pain and headaches have disappeared.  Her scoliosis has not worsened, in fact, it has improved in several areas of her spine.  I could not be happier with the results of her treatment.  I would highly recommend Dr. Ciolkosz and his staff and their approach to treating scoliosis.

Leah Awitan

After only six months of chiropractic care with Dr. Tim Ciolkosz, my daughter’s curve went from 30° to 25 degrees. The appointments were quick and the exercises were easy to do. We decided to forgo the 20 hours of brace wearing and incorporate chiropractic care and we are so glad we did it!

Susan Rock

Because I have scoliosis, I take my kids to Dr. Ciolkosz to get checked and adjusted regularly.  It is important to me to minimize the risk of scoliosis for my children.

Amy Armstrong