Are you a parent who wonders about the benefits of chiropractic care for your kids? Millions of adults visit chiropractors every year, but there’s no broad awareness about the needs and benefits this type of medical care offers children. For instance, dads and moms typically want to know about the specific advantages of chiropractic care for their kids, what age is a good time for a first visit, whether spinal adjustments are safe for young ones, how to know when a child needs to visit a chiropractor, what conditions are treated, and more.

The main thing for curious parents to know is that spinal adjustments and other forms of chiropractic care are safe for kids, just as they are for adults. What’s more, there are many telltale signs you can watch for to know when your son or daughter needs to see a chiropractor. There are dozens of conditions that chiropractic medicine can treat in children. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for and bringing your child in for regular visits.

Key Questions about Children and Chiropractic Care

The number one question on parents’ minds, “Is chiropractic care safe for children?” is the easiest to answer. Evidence shows that not only is it safe, but it delivers numerous benefits to young bodies as they grow and mature. From infancy, chiropractic can aid the mental and physical development of the human body.

Here are some of the other questions people often ask about the relationship between chiropractic medicine and children:

  • How do I know when it’s time? Any age is okay, even if your child is an infant. However, you might notice some telltale signs that you should take your child to a chiropractor as soon as possible. For example, if your son or daughter has uneven shoulders, complains of neck or back pain, has problems sleeping, appears to have limited mobility in the neck or back, or has to compensate to walk upright, then be sure to visit a chiropractic physician as your earliest convenience.
  • Does treatment hurt children in any way? Treatment does not hurt children. Chiropractors make certain of this by using a very gentle form of adjustment and letting kids know that even if they hear “pops,” there’s nothing wrong, and the sounds are part of normal adjustment.
  • What will a chiropractor do for my child? Much like an adult treatment plan, kids’ will undergo a full examination, and the doctor will gather a complete medical history from parents before diagnosing any conditions. After that, the entire treatment plan will be individualized to the child’s age, particular conditions, height, weight, medical history, complaints about pain or discomfort, and other unique aspects of the situation.
  • Is there a minimum age? There’s no minimum age. Many women begin regular chiropractic visits while they are pregnant. After birth, it’s common for mothers to see that their infants get chiropractic care that continues through childhood. There’s no minimum or maximum age for chiropractic treatment.
  • Are there unique risks for children who visit chiropractors? There are no physical risks to children who receive chiropractic treatment. Some children have a strong fear of visiting doctors and dentists, which is quite common. For parents concerned about such medical phobias, it helps to talk with kids about what chiropractors do and how they can help people of all ages. Consider taking your child with you when you receive treatment to meet the doctor and get used to being in a chiropractic setting.

Benefits for Children

In addition to helping kids navigate the rough-and-tumble world of childhood scrapes, bumps, bruises, and accidents, chiropractic treatment can be an effective preventive against potential future problems. The treatment promotes well-being, overall health, and proper spinal development. While adults often need spinal adjustments to correct years of improper posture, children typically get another kind of benefit from adjustments: an enhanced function of the brain, nerves, and the entire nervous system. That means a stronger immune system, a healthier brain, and a robust response system for nerves throughout the body.

Here are some of the most common benefits for children who receive regular chiropractic care:

  • Significant lessening of back and neck pain
  • Better quality of sleep and fewer sleep disturbances
  • Improvement in spine and joint mobility, even in otherwise healthy children
  • Headache relief, whether for mild-to-severe tension headaches or migraines
  • Faster, more effective, and complete recovery from all kinds of injuries
  • An enhanced ability to concentrate, which can mean better grades at school
  • Early and effective correction of poor, inefficient posture
  • A more resilient immune system, which can mean fewer colds and bouts of the flu
  • Improved performance in athletic endeavors, which can be a significant part of a child’s social life
  • All-around better functioning of the nervous system

Childhood Conditions Chiropractic Can Treat

Children’s bodies are unique in many ways, and chiropractic care recognizes that uniqueness by offering special treatment for small, growing bodies. Chiropractors treat dozens of different conditions in children. Here are some of the more common ones that doctors routinely see in their chiropractic offices:

  • All forms of spinal misalignment
  • A wide range of digestive problems
  • Common forms of urinary incontinence
  • Tension and migraine headaches
  • Scoliosis
  • Constipation
  • Mild and severe forms of asthma
  • Flu, colds, and sore throats
  • Ear infections
  • Immune system problems
  • Traumas, accidents, and all kinds of sports injuries
  • Speech problems
  • ADHD and autism issues

Finding the Right Treatment for Your Child

There are two general guidelines regarding chiropractic care for children: “the sooner, the better,” and “choose a chiropractic physician who specializes in pediatric treatment.” When you find a competent specialist, like Dr. Andrea Moses at Spinal Health & Wellness, you’ll learn a lot about the many childhood conditions chiropractic care can treat.

Children have a few unique needs based on their active lifestyles. For starters, they tend to suffer minor injuries and trauma much more often than adults do. That’s just part of being a kid. Running, playing, and lots of physical interaction is part of the landscape. Unfortunately, the result can be a misalignment of the spine, which does not always show itself as a prominent symptom. Regular visits to a chiropractor can help monitor these bumps, bruises, and potentially dangerous accidents.

When kids receive corrective treatment while still young, they can avoid multiple physical problems as they age. Keeping the spine in good shape during the youthful, most active years of life is one of the central components of all-around health.

Dr. Andrea Moses specializes in wellness for women and children, notably pelvic balance for pregnant mothers and chiropractic pediatric care. Dr. Moses is fully certified as a Webster Technique practitioner and has been in family practice since 1997 as a practicing doctor and owner. She also conducts the Backpack Safety program, leads a Mom’s Group Health Education course, and teaches Proper Posture. With over 20 years of experience, you and your family are in great hands. Learn more and schedule an appointment by calling (302) 993-9113 at your convenience.